7+ Best SEO Reporting Tools For SEO Teams & Agencies

7+ Best SEO Reporting Tools For SEO Teams & Agencies

Are you looking for an SEO reporting tool to help you stay on top of your SEO campaigns and report back to clients?

The best SEO reporting tools make it easy to generate stunning SEO reports quickly and easily, pulling data from multiple data sources including SEO data, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google Business Profile.

It's possible to set up automated reports that are scheduled either daily, weekly, or monthly, and in most cases offer clients direct access to branded reports via your own dedicated reporting portal.

SEO reporting tools like Semrush and SE Ranking have dedicated SEO reporting capability built into their platforms, that sit alongside wider SEO tools that support with keyword research, backlink analysis, site audit, and keyword tracking.

However, there are other tools like Raven Tools and Agency Analytics which focus solely on creating SEO reporting tools to help you manage agency clients and keep track of a wide range of SEO KPIs across campaigns.

Before picking the SEO reporting tool that's right for your business, it's important to consider how much your willing to pay for your reporting tools, how often you need to create reports, and whether you need to invest in new tools, or leverage your existing SEO toolkit.

Best SEO Reporting Tools

We've tested all of the best SEO reporting tools for agencies and businesses, so that you can assess which SEO reporting software is right for you.

  1. Semrush

  2. SE Ranking

  3. Raven Tools

  4. Agency Analytics

  5. SEO Powersuite

  6. AHREFs

  7. Google Data Studio

Focused Look The Best SEO Reporting Software Tools


Semrush My Reports Dashboard

Semrush is one of the best all-in-one SEO reporting tools online, offering access to over 55+ SEO tools under one roof.

Semrush is used by over 10 million marketing professionals for keyword research, backlink monitoring, site auditing, content marketing, and more - and all of this insight can be pulled into your SEO reporting.

The Semrush SEO reporting suite sits under 'my reports' within the Semrush dashboard. Customers using this area of the platform can build reports using templates or by customizing the dashboard to suit individual client needs.

It's possible to pull in data from the Semrush platform, as well as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Business Profile.

Once the data is configured, all of your SEO reporting can be downloaded via a PDF builder and sent to clients of circulated in-house.

In fact, Semrush also allows you to automate your reporting by scheduling reports to run daily, weekly or monthly and can be configured to automatically send to clients using custom sender names with your signature and branding included.

To access Semrush SEO reports you first need a Semrush paid account which starts at $119.95 per month - this gets you access to the majority of Semrush's SEO tools.

In order to access the Semrush's 'my reports' dashboard you then need to add the Agency Growth Kit to your subscription which costs $150 per/mo on top of your Semrush base plan.

Features we like

  • Combine data from multiple sources including Semrush, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google Business Profile

  • Build reports from scratch or use existing SEO reporting templates

  • Setup automated reports which run daily, weekly or monthly and have them automatically send to clients using email settings that you configure

  • Add your own branding to your SEO reports while accessing rich Semrush data

Semrush Pricing

There are 3 main payment plans offered by Semrush.

In order to access Semrush SEO reports you need to add the agency growth kit onto your paid Semrush plan, which costs an additional $150 per month on top of your Semrush subscription.

  • Pro - $119.95 per/mo, optimize 5 projects, track 500 keywords, 10,000 results per report

  • Guru - $229.95 per/mo, optimize 15 projects, track 1,500 keywords, 30,000 results per report

  • Business - $449.95 per/mo, optimize 40 projects, track 5,000 keywords, 50,000 results per report

SE Ranking

SE Ranking Reporting Tool

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO platform with excellent SEO reporting tools and white label services.

The software is used by over 600,000 marketing professionals, including big brands and agencies like Zappier and Trustpilot.

Like Semrush, SE Ranking provides you with an all-in-one suite of tools, which include keyword research, backlink analysis, site audit, and rank tracking.

In addition, SE ranking provides access to reporting features that include drag and drog report building, reporting automation and scheduling, white labelling, and the ability to cutomize reporting based on your needs.

SE Ranking also offers white label dashboards that all your clients and colleagues to access a version of SE Ranking that your control, and that uses your branding. This can be used to check competitive positioning, website audit results, monitor backlinks, access SEO tools, and view reports - and you can limit what those logging in can, and cannot access.

Pricing plans start at just $23.40 per/mo and provide SEO experts with an all-in-one SEO tool including SEO reporting and whitelabel access.

Features we like

  • White label SE Ranking reports and dashboards with your own logo and branding - excellent for providing access for clients

  • All-in-one SEO tool with access to keyword research, site auditing, backlink monitoring, and keyword tracking

  • Cutomizable reporting options, with drag and drop report builders - automate reports and have them run and send on your terms

SE Ranking Pricing

SE Ranking offers 3 paid plans, all of which provide access to the SE Ranking SEO reporting tool.

  • Essential - $23.40 per/mo, optimize 10 projects, track 250 keywords, 100 reports per day

  • Pro - $53.40 per/mo, unlimited projects, track 1,000 keywords, 5,000 reports per day

  • Business - $113.40 per/mo, unlimited projects, track 2,000 keywords, 10,000 reports per day

Raven Tools

Raven Tools SEO Reporting Tool

Unlike all-in-one SEO tools, Raven Tools was built as a dedicated SEO reporting tool.

Raven Tools allows you to build flexible SEO reporting using 25+ different sources that you can visualize and track the SEO metrics and KPIs that are important for your business and clients.

Having been around for some time, Raven Tools is now used by thousands of agencies and marketers.

Once you gain access, it's possible to build customizable dashboards, export PDF reports with cover tables, set up real-time SEO reports, and provide access to white label reports and dashboards for your clients and colleagues.

In fact, you can tie in all of your different marketing channels into Raven Tools, including your paid ads to report so that you can track and report on your entire marketing campaigns all under one roof.

On the SEO side, Raven Tools has a suite of SEO reports that include website audit, backlink monitoring, competitor research, and rank tracking.

The SEO reporting tool also provides detailed health scores, and a list of things that you need to optimize to improve rankings post website audit.

Pricing starts $39 per/mo for Raven Tools Small Biz plan, allowing you to run 2 campaigns within your Raven Tools interface.

There are another 4 paid plans available, which allow you to scale your SEO reporting efforts significantly.

In order to access full white label dashboards on top of SEO reporting functionality, you need to opt for the Grow Plan which costs $139 per/mo.

Features we like

  • Raven Tools integrates with Majestic SEO for backlink monitoring, which allows you to analyze your existing links, competitor links, and high value links within your niche to uncover new opportinities

  • Run website audits and receive a website health score based on analyzing 17+ major on-page error types - generate sitemaps, and track month on month comparisons

  • Use Raven Tools for keyword tracking, integrate with Google Search Console and monitor ranking changes on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

  • Track and report on all of your digital marketing performance in one place with dozens of out the box integrations

Ravel Tools Pricing

Raven Tools offers 5 paid plans, starting with the Small Business Plan. All plans offer the ability to generate, schedule and send SEO reports, but the white label dashboard access is only available on the Grow, Thrive, and Lead plans.

  • Small Business - $39 per/mo, 2 campaigns, 2 users

  • Start - $79 per/mo, 20 campaigns, 4 users

  • Grow - $139 per/mo, 80 campaigns, 8 users

  • Trive - $249 per/mo, 160 campaigns, 20 users

  • Lead - $399 per/mo, 320 campaigns, 40 users

Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics SEO Reporting Tool

Agency Analytics is a dedicated SEO reporting tool for agencies.

It is ysed by over 5,500 agencies globally to report on marketing performance with access to over 70+ sources, including SEO tools, email marketing services, social media platforms, and digital advertising accounts.

Agency Analytics has a suite of SEO reporting capability including keyword tracking, backlink monitoring and analysis, and site auditing.

It's possible to configure detailed SEO reports quickly, and to automate reports to be generated and sent to clients on autopilot - you can also annotate reports to add your own notes and commentary where relevant.

Like other SEO reporting tools, Agency Analytics allows you to set up a fully flegded white labelled reporting interfaces that clients can login to in order to monitor and track performance.

It's possible also to limit what you provide clients access to, and to integrate with messaging tools like Zendesk so that client communication is managed from one central location.

Agency Analytics is integrated with over 70+ different marketing channels so it's possible to take your reporting to the next level by tying in dozens of different data sources like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Business Profile, and more.

Pricing starts at just $12 per month, per client campaign on the freelancer plan, and $18 per month, per client on the agency plan.

There are also custom plans available for large agencies managing over 100 clients.

Features we like

  • Setup white label reports by adding your logo and branding to your SEO reports. Configure white label dashboards so that clients can login and track performance, accessing only the metrics you enable

  • Automate SEO reports including backlink performance, site audit score, and keyword ranking performance on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

  • Run site audits to check on-page SEO performance against 40+ different technical SEO metrics

Agency Analytics Pricing

Agency Analytics offers 2 out the box pricing plans, and a custom plan for agencies with over 100 clients. Pricing is designed to be simple, affordable, and scalable.

  • Freelancer - $12 per month, per campaign

  • Agency - $18 per month, per campaign, access to full white labelling

  • Custom - contact sales team

SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite Reporting Tool

SEO Powersuite is an enterprise SEO tool that has excellent reporting capability for agencies and in-house SEO teams.

Alongside their full suite of SEO tools, SEO Powersuite allows you to build customizable, responsive reports that you can white label and share automatically.

Once reports are built, they can be automatically added to the cloud, and can be shared via a customizable link, or automatically using the SEO Powersuite mailer system.

There are four main modules used by over 2 million marketers within the SEO Powersuite dashboard, rank tracker for keyword research, website auditor for on-page optimization, SEO spyglass for backlink research, and link assistant for link building - each area of the SEO Powersuite SEO toolkit can be introduced into your SEO reporting.

Pricing starts at $299 per/annum for SEO Powersuite's full range of tools, but if you want to access the white label services then you need to upgrade to Enterprise which costs $699 per/annum - these costs seem steep but you are paying for an entire year's access upfront.

Features we like

  • Full suite of SEO tools under one roof that can be built into your reports

  • White label services, automated sending and sharing formats

  • Access SEO Powersuites free tool for unlimited evaluation. It won't be possible to save reports but it's a great way to test the functionality before you buy

SEO Powersuite Pricing

SEO Powersuite has 2 paid plans which you pay for on an annual basis. They also offer a free plan which allows you to run evaluation without saving reports.

  • Free - unlimited evaluation, but you cannot save projects

  • Professional - $299 per year - full access

  • Enterprise - $699 per year - full access, includes ability to export data, and to save, and schedule reports


AHREFs Reporting Tool

AHREFs is Semrush's largest competitor, and one of the most widely used SEO tools online.

It's used by millions of SEO experts and marketers globally, including big brands like Facebook, and Uber. In fact, AHREFs web crawler is the second largest web crawler on the internet, behind Google, and crawls over 5 million URLs every minute.

If you are looking for an all-in-one SEO tool with a variety of excellent SEO reports then AHREFs is a great option.

Where it lacks in reporting functionality is providing you with exportable reporting tools, PDF builders, and white label dashboards.

Pricing starts at $99 per/mo for lite access, and there are 3 other paid plans you can access to scale up your access and reporting credits.

Features we like

  • All-in-one SEO tool with access to some of the best SEO tools on the internet - including site analysis, keyword analysis, site auditing, backlinks analysis and more

  • AHREFs has a huge database, there are over 10 billion pages, 19.2 billion keywords, 10 search engines, 243 countries, and 3.6 billion external backlinks - they have the second largest web crawler behind Google

AHREFs Pricing

AHREFs offers 4 different pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes.

  • Lite - $99 per/mo, optimize 5 projects, track 750 keywords, 100,00 crawl credit

  • Standard - $199 per/mo, optimize 20 projects, track 2,000 keywords, 500,00 crawl credit

  • Advanced - $399 per/mo, optimize 50 projects, track 5,000 keywords, 1,500,00 crawl credit

  • Enterprise - $999 per/mo, optimize 100 projects, track 10,000 keywords, 5,000,00 crawl credit

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio Reporting Interface

If you are looking for a free seo reporting tool then Google Data Studio is one of the best options out there.

Google Data Studio is a free SEO tool offered by Google that integrates with hundreds of digital tools, including other Google products like Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Google Data Studio offers hundreds of out the box connectors to other SEO tools like Semrush and AHREFs and allows you to build reports based on existing templates, or by configuring the data as you see fit.

Many leading SEO experts pull data into Google Data Studio in order to create detailed, customized reports that combine dozens of SEO sources under one roof. Reports can be automatically distributed in-house or sent to clients - they can also be exported and shared via email.

If you are looking for best in class SEO reporting tools, it's worth considering using Google Data Studio to help centralize data from multiple sources. GDS also has some great visualization reports which allow you to interpret larger data sets at scale.

Features we like

  • Hundreds of existing connectors to marketing and SEO tools - including Google products like Google Search Console and Google Analytics

  • Google Data Studio is free to use and it's easy to configure reports based on existing templates, or build customized reports with powerful visualisation capability

Google Data Studio Pricing

Why it's important to invest in SEO reporting tools

Investing in the best SEO reporting tools is important for any business or SEO agency.

Not only does SEO reporting keep you on track, ensuring you monitor progress, and stay on top of optimisation work, but SEO reporting tools help you keep a professional, automated line of communication with agency clients.

Taking the time to build SEO reporting templates and custom reports also means you to stay on top of keyword rankings, domain authority, organic traffic, backlinks, and site health as your SEO project progresses.

This allows you to look back at progress and assess whether your SEO strategy and optimization work is paying off.

Here are some of the top reasons that businesses invest in the best SEO reporting software.

  • Professional image - if you are reporting performance to agency clients or in-house stakeholders, the best SEO reporting tools provide you with white label reports and dashboards which can you can add branding to

  • Measure performance - it's vital that you build scheduled reports which automatically update you on SEO performance in relation to keyword suggestions, position tracking, backlink opportunities, on-page optimizations that need work, and so on. SEO reporting tools allow you to track progress and look back over time

  • Save time and create efficiency - SEO tools give you the ability to schedule and automate SEO reporting. It's possible to schedule automatic mailers which send reports directly to clients, saving you time

  • All your SEO data in one place - tools like Semrush and SE Ranking offer SEO reporting alongside their wider SEO toolkit, allowing you to access everything you need in relation to your SEO efforts under one roof

  • Integrations - if you are using Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, and other popular SEO reporting tools, the best SEO reporting software allows you to centralize all of these data sources under one roof - Google Data Studio is a great option here

    How to invest in the best SEO reporting tools

    If you are looking to invest in a new SEO reporting tool and you're ready to pull the trigger, think through these important questions before making a decision.

    While many businesses use a mix of SEO reporting tools, it can be a costly error to start using a tool that doesn't fit your requirements.

    • Are you looking for a dedicated SEO reporting tool or an all-in-one SEO reporting tool?

    • Do you requires white label reporting?

    • What's your budget? Are you looking to pay monthly or annually?

    • Do you need to integrated others sources like GSC and GA?

    • How do you want to share reports, and who are you sharing them with?

    These questions will help you work out whether you need to opt for an all-in-one SEO tools with reporting capability like Semrush or SE Ranking, or whether you need a dedicated reporting tool like Raven Tools.

    Likewise, if you are an agency looking for SEO reporting tools for clients, then it might make sense to invest time into configuring Google Data Studio, or using an all-in-one reporting tool like Agency Analytics to track all of your marketing channels under one roof.

    Sign up to the best SEO reporting software tools

    If you are ready to go, click through and sign up for the best SEO reporting tools like Semrush and SE ranking.

    And before you purchase, check out whether the SEO reporting tool that you want to evaluate has a free trial. This is a great way to evaluate whether it's right for your business, before you commit.

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