Free Resources


The Daily Manifest
A daily planner for taking control of your time.

The Leveraged Creator
A 10-part email course about building on the internet.

Short Videos

World Class Market Creation
How to reverse engineer your niche.

The VV Pitch
How I pitched Visualize Value as a service.

Building a Digital Brand to $3,000/day
A 5-minute summary of the first year of VV as a product business.

Decentralize Your Income
How to think about making money. 

All The Gear, No Idea
How to validate an idea cheaply.

How to Create Valuable Products
How to close the value gap.

Where to Start Making Content
How to understand who you can help. 

Do Less, Do More
How to spend your attention more carefully.

Designing Systems
How to delegate repetitive work to software. 

Know your Burn Rate
A simple formula for understanding your financial runway.

How to Build a Personal Monopoly
A workshop on carving your niche with David Perell.

Building a $1M Brand in 18 Months
Understand the long-term value of brand building.


Office Hours

Proof of Work & Selling Sawdust
The fundamentals of finding traction in the attention business.

Prolific Production
How to find new ways to talk about the same things.