Mighty Networks Review: Features, Demo & Pricing

Mighty Networks Review: Features, Demo & Pricing

Mighty Networks is designed to help creators build communities, manage audiences, sell online courses, and communicate with engaged networks at scale.

We started using Mighty Networks back in 2020 to grow and manage the Visualize Value network.

Today, over 25,000+ creators and entrepreneurs access our Mighty Networks environment to leverage the Visualize Value network, consume online courses, and keep up to date with our latest content.

And we're not alone.

Thousands of entrepreneurs and creators are using Mighty Networks to grow thriving online communities, driving multi-million dollar revenue streams in the process.

We have completed a thorough Mighty Networks review to show you how you can leverage Mighty Networks to build your own online community, and how you can turn your passion into passive income by owning your audience.

What is Mighty Networks?

Mighty Networks is a community management platform that makes it easy to monetize audiences on the internet.

Currently supporting nearly 1 million digital businesses, Mighty Networks provides you with all the tools you need to manage a growing community, sell online courses, and create paid membership programs, all under one roof.

The platform is easy to use, flexible, and built to scale with a range of Mighty Networks pricing options.

The introductory Community Plan provides you with the tools to livestream, sell paid memberships, schedule events, and chat with your audience.

If you upgrade to the Business Plan you can start selling online courses, create member cohorts, access analytics and membership data, and create workflows via Zapier.

Mighty Networks also offers a Pro plan for businesses looking to white label the entire community experience. They support with design, customization, launch, and ongoing VIP support.

Brands like Fortune, and TED Talks are already using the Mighty Networks Pro features.

Who is Mighty Networks for?

The main driver that motivates people looking to build communities on Mighty Networks is ownership.

Social media platforms are a great tool for reaching new audiences, and building brand. However they lack the features required to fully monetize an audience, or engage with community members on a deeper level.

More importantly, if you build a community on social media, you are only ever renting that audience. If your profile is shut down, or the algorithm changes, your ability to communicate with your audience can be lost or greatly diminished.

That's where Mighty Networks steps in.

Mighty Networks makes it easy to create a dedicated environment for your audience, that sits under your brand name, and stays 100% in your control - meaning any audience you build, is yours.

Once setup and running, you can leverage the Might Networks toolset to deepen your member experience by launching (and selling) online courses, webinars, livestreams (and more).

Community members can also create their own profiles to promote themselves, in order to leverage your network for their benefit.

Mighty Networks Feature Set

If you're looking for a place to monetize an audience, and sell online courses, then Mighty Networks is a great option.

How Visualize Value uses Mighty Networks

Visualize Value has been using Mighty Networks for over 2 years.

We love the fact that Mighty Networks makes it easy and seamless for us to grow, and communicate with our 18,000+ strong audience in one place.

As soon as someone enters the Visualize Value membership area on Mighty Networks they are greeted with a welcome message from Jack (VV Founder), and presented with a personalized dashboard and easy to use navigation.

Mighty Networks News Feed


From there, new members can set up a dedicated profile to introduce themselves to the Visualize Value community, and start to leverage our network. It's also easy to access any community content that has been launched by VV, or our community over the past 2 years.

Online Course Creation

The main way that we monetize the Visualize Value community is by selling online courses.

Compound Content Course Overview


We have a range of courses that help business owners build brand, drive traffic from organic search, and launch successful online courses.

Mighty Networks has made it easy for us to launch multiple courses under one-roof, where members can pay for the courses they're directly interested in.

The courses themselves are easy to set up, and Mighty Networks helps to integrate imagery, video, and audio seamlessly into each lesson plan.

Once a member signs up for a Visualize Value course, they can leave comments, and interact with instructors and other course members freely to maximize learning.

What's also really helpful, is the ability to notify and email groups of members split by the courses they're signed up for. This ensures our messaging remains on-point.

Evergreen Content

In addition to selling online courses, Mighty Networks has provided us with a valuable place to host our evergreen content.

Mighty Networks Evergreen Content


Once new members have purchased one of our online courses, they can access any additional evergreen content that lives within our Mighty Networks instance.

That includes previously recording office hours, dedicated articles, and topic areas that were built to answer questions that came up from other members over time.

New community members can create dedicated profile pages, and as they engage with our content earn top member status and discover members that live in their area.

We started out to sell online courses. But it's the community itself that has become Visualize Value's strongest asset.

Native Movile Apps

It's really important for us to offer our members the ability to interact with course content on the go.

Mighty Networks App Page


Mighty Networks offers a mobile application that members can download to access the entire Visualize Value membership area on native mobile apps.

The app itself offers the same clean, easy-to-navigate user experience available on desktop, and we've received excellent feedback from our community.

We're currently using the Mighty Networks Business Plan, which means that a user needs to download the Mighty Networks app, and then login to the Visualize Value network. However, it's possible to upgrade to the Pro plan and launch a 100% white-labeled mobile app managed by Mighty Networks.

This is an amazing feature and really useful for entrepreneurs who are launching community content, and online courses that are more likely to be consumed on mobile devices.

Mighty Networks Features

There are a number of other features that Mighty Networks offers, which are useful to understand when deciding which course platform to utilize for your business.

Landing page designer

We sell our courses via Shopify, and then direct users into Mighty Networks to access the Visualize Value community and online course content. However, if you need to set up a landing page to convert customers then Mighty Networks has an easy-to-use landing page builder.

You can add text, video, audio, and imagery to bring your landing page to life, and users can click through to choose a membership plan before joining.

Multicurrency support and flexible payments

Once new members have selected their plan, they can check out seamlessly using 100s of currencies and multiple payment methods.

In fact, Mighty Networks uses Stripe for payment processing, so it's easy for new members to make their payments.

Mighty Networks also has a range of payment options, providing you with complete control over how you monetize your audience.

It's possible to set up a one-time fee to give new members access to your community, or you can set up a recurring payment.

Likewise, you can charge for specific areas of content within your Mighty Networks instance (like an online course) or for a bundle of access (multiple courses).

Mighty Networks also gives you the option to create hidden plans. This means that you can invite specific members to your plan via a dedicated link, giving you the ability to change the pricing depending on the users you're targeting.

Mighty Insights

It's important to be able to stay on top of platform usage when you're operating an online community, and Mighty Networks provides access to some helpful insights.

In order to access Mighty Insights, you need to upgrade to the Business Plan or the Pro Plan. From there, you can navigate to the analytics overview tab where you can access metrics like active users, member stickiness, acquisition channels, and heat map data.

It's also possible to split out daily active members (those who log in every day), from monthly active users so that you can understand who within the community is engaging most with your community content.

Mighty Networks also includes usage targets based on analysis across their entire network, so that you can benchmark your community engagement vs the wider Mighty Networks ecosystem.

On average, 20% of community members log in to the communities they pay for daily, while 50% of members log in every month.

Beyond the overview page, you can also access additional reports that give you deeper analysis on your members, content, live streams, and plans.

If you have a number of moderators and hosts launching content within your community, you can also look at their usage to see who is engaging most with the community.

Automation & CRM Integrations

For those who are using a wider tech stack, Mighty Networks has an integration with Zapier making it easy to create workflows with other apps.

We use Converkit as our email marketing platform and Shopify as our eCommerce front end.

Both integrate seamlessly with Mighty Networks, making it easy for us to send people from our Shopify store into Mighty Networks, and to communicate with them via Convertkit on a regular basis.

Mighty Networks integrates with 100s of apps via Zapier, including Mailchimp, ConverKit, Wordpress, Active Campaigns, ThriveCart, Hubspot, and Flodesk.

Mighty Networks Pro

When we build on any new platform at Visualize Value we like to know that we have the potential to scale up in the future if necessary.

Right now we are using the Might Networks Business Plan, but there is also a Pro plan for more advanced businesses that require advanced features (existing customers include TED, Fortune, and Lifebooks).

The great thing about the Pro Plan is that it includes VIP support and added customization options.

Similar to the Community and Business Plans, you don't need to worry about creating code or maintaining your Mighty Networks instance, this is taken care of for you.

Mighty Networks look after everything from design and development, through to launch, and ongoing maintenance. They also offer VIP Support as part of the Pro Plan.

One of the additional major benefits of going Pro, is the fact that Mighty Networks will launch and maintain a branded native mobile application that your community can access.

Right now, when our community downloads the Mighty Networks app to access Visualize Value courses on the go, these are branded as Mighty Networks. If we upgrade to the Pro plan, we can launch our own mobile app - creating a stronger connection with our audience.

Mighty Networks Pricing

There are three main Mighty Networks plans available to new members, Community, Business, and Pro.

Mighty Networks Pricing Plans


The Community Plan offers an affordable way to get set up on Mighty Networks so that you can start building out your community.

The Community Plan starts at $39 per month (or $33 per month if you pay annually) and includes all of the Mighty Networks' community features and tools you need to live stream, chat, create paid memberships, and host events.

If you want the ability to create online courses, access Mighty Insights, and Zapier integrations then you need to upgrade to the Business Plan. This increases the monthly cost to $119 per month ($99 per month paid annually), providing you with all of Mighty Networks' main functionality.

This is the plan we are using at Visualize Value.

If you want to access Mighty Networks Pro features then you'll need to reach out to Mighty Networks in order to receive a quote for these additional services.

What is Mighty Networks not good for?

Mighty Networks is a brilliant community management platform that is also very good at giving you the framework to create online courses.

However, there are some drawbacks to using Mighty Networks as opposed to other all-in-one solutions like Teachable, Kojabi, and Podia.

These platforms have more advanced, and customizable solutions when building out your front-end website and landing pages. This isn't something we cared too much about at Visualize Value as we are using Shopify to sell our courses. However, if we had to be critical, the Mighty Networks landing page builder is a bit restrictive in how it can be customized.

Likewise, some of the other online course platforms offer a free pricing plan (taking a cut of the transaction fee) which is helpful when you're just getting started.

When it comes to analytics, Mighty Networks stacks up pretty well, but some of the other course platforms out there have more advanced marketing funnels and analytics that help you to optimize over time.

Likewise, they also offer advanced marketing options like affiliate programs, and the ability to offer coupons, discounts, and buyer incentives that are no currently available on Mighty Networks.

Check out our review of the best online course platforms to understand which we'd recommend you take a closer look at.

What now?

If you're ready to start building on Mighty Networks, head over and set up your plan. (full disclosure: we are an affiliate partner)

It's easy to start customizing your Mighty Networks instance, and depending on the plan you set up you will get instant access to all of the tools you need to run your online community and course business.

If you're just starting out, you can also check out some of our training programs to help you shape your thinking, drive traffic, and monetize your skillset.

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