10+ Best Link Tracking Software Tools For Tracking & Attribution

10+ Best Link Tracking Software Tools For Tracking & Attribution

If you are looking to find the best link trackers to help you monitor and optimize your link performance, then it's important to understand how the best link tracking software tools can set you up for success.

The best link trackers like Clickmagick and Clickmeter provide you with all the tools you need to keep track of your marketing campaign performance, optimize your sales funnel, track and manage your affiliate marketing campaigns, and detect and prevent bot traffic.

Link tracking tools also help you cloak advertising links with your own branding to encourage trust, and enrich your advertising campaigns by passing back rich first-party data every time your ad spend results in a paying customer.

And with digital advertising spend expected to surpass $876 billion by 2026, it's never been more crucial to understand the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns so that you understand your return on ad spend per marketing channel.

But picking the right link tracking software is not easy - each link tracker software has a differing set of features, and suits different businesses depending on whether you are optimizing marketing campaigns, sending affiliate traffic, or working with social media influencers.

What's more, making the wrong decision can cost you time, energy, and revenue in the future if you need to migrate platforms.

Best Link Tracking Software Tools

We've tested all of the best link trackers so that you can find the solution that is right for you. We review free link tracking tools, as well as the best link tracking software for businesses.

  1. Clickmagick

  2. Clickmeter

  3. Bitly

  4. Voluum

  5. Snapt.io

  6. Improvely

  7. LinkTrackr

  8. Redtrack

  9. Clixtrac [free]

  10. DSLinker [free]

    Focused look at the best link tracking tools


    Clickmagick Link Tracker

    One of the best link tracking software tools out there is Clickmagick.

    There are over 122,000 individuals and businesses using Clickmagick globally to track conversions, online/offline events, opt-ins, affiliate clicks, and more.

    Clickmagick can be used to track and optimize your entire sales funnel in real-time and is already integrated with thousands of ad platforms and applications, including Zapier.

    The Clickmagick link tracker acts as your single source of truth across marketing channels and apps, including ad networks, affiliate networks, CRM systems, autoresponders, and shopping carts. Their links work anywhere and are immune to iOS privacy changes.

    Clickmagick offers 3 different pricing plans starting at $37 per month for those looking to track up to 10,000 clicks/mo. There is also a 14-day free trial to test Clickmagick's click tracking technology.

    Features we like

    • Automatic ad costs - Clickmagick integrates with Facebook, Google, Tiktok, and other ad platforms to automatically pull back ad spend per marketing campaign, so that you can tie conversion events to ad spend and measure ROI in a central dashboard

    • UTMs and 'first party' cookies - the Clickmagick platform allows you to track your entire sales funnel using first-party cookie data - future-proofing your business as third-party cookies are phased out. UTM paramaters also allow you to track conversion metrics and spot underperforming areas in your sales fullel

    • Audience data is passed back - Clickmagick's link tracking tool passes back conversion data in real time to ad platforms like Google and Facebook so that their algorithms learn who's converting. On top of this, Clickmagick passes back first-party data to improve event match scores. The methodology is GDPR compliant

    • Visitor profiles - you get a complete history of every tracked event helping you to learn who your best customers are, how they found your business and where your next best customers might be

    • Attribution modeling - Clickmagick's click tracking enables last-click, as well as multi-touch attribution modeling, and allows you to see linear, position-based, and time decay models to assess where the true strength in your marketing engines exist

    • Bot filtering - you can leverage Clickmagick's bot filtering technology to automatically filter click bots that skew your data and analytics. Similarly, you can blacklist suspicious click sources and cut off bad actors at source

    • Affiliate tracking - Clickmagick's link tracking tools are integrated with 100s of the best affiliate marketing software platforms. Their click tracking uses postback URLs that offer server-to-server tracking - enabling a one-stop shop for measuring your affiliate performance in one central dashboard. Clickmagick's link tracker also enables a full suite of redirect options, allowing you to set dynamic links and geo-target

      Clickmagick pricing

      Clickmagick offers 3 different pricing plans.

      The Starter plan costs $37 per month and allows you to track up to 10,000 clicks/mo. For businesses that require scale, you can upgrade to the Standard or Pro plans, which also offer 14-day free trials.

      • Starter - $37 per month, up to 10,000 clicks/mo

      • Standard - $97 per month, up to 100,000 clicks/mo

      • Pro - $197 per month, unlimited clicks



        Alongside Clickmagick, Clickmeter is also considered amongst the best link tracking software tools in the industry.

        Clickmeter is another all-in-one link tracker that enables you to track and monitor link performance in one central dashboard.

        It is used by over 100,000 agencies, affiliates, brands, and publishers (big and small) including L'Oreal, Amazon, and Jabra.

        Clickmeter click tracking is easy to setup and integrate and tracking links can be generated individually or in bulk - once you are set up links can be used in your ads to monitor link performance over time.

        There are more than 100 features available within Clickmeter's link tracking tool, including endless redirect options, the ability to track and analyze conversion events, and collaborate with clients and colleagues.

        For affiliate marketers, Clickmeter is also integrated with over 400 affiliate networks, as well as Shopify, Adwords, and Wordpress.

        Pricing starts at $29 per month and allows you to track up to 25,000 events/mo. There are Large and X-Large plans available for those looking for further scale.

        Features we like

        • Redirect capability - target links by geography, language, device type, and user type. Carry out A/B testing, and set up various different redirects to test and optimize - including sequential, weighted, max click redirect sequences

        • Real-time click stream data - understand your customer's journey from click to conversion, and compare conversion data in easy-to-digest tables - all in real-time

        • Conversion tracking - track conversions and conversion data so that you can tie performance back to link source. This includes product value, ID, SKU, and other metrics

        • Branded tracking links - use first-level domains, subdomains and URL extensions to create the links that will drive trust. For affiliates, gain full control over how your links are viewed so that you improve click-through rates

        • Collaboration tools - agencies can share reports with clients via client dashboard features. It's easy to share Clickmeter reports via email, and clients can gain access to branded data

        • API - Clickmeter's click tracking technology enables a number of rich API endpoints so that you can pull data points back into your own custom dashboards or data visualization tools. Some Clickmeter clients also build their own applications on top of Clickmeter's technology

        • Affiliate tracking - like Clickmagick, Clickmeter has built 400+ integrations with every single affiliate network out there. This makes it easy to monitor all of your affiliate networks, alongside your affiliate commission performance in one place

          Clickmeter pricing

          Clickmeter offers 3 different payment plans, and a 30-day money back guarantee. For businesses looking to get off the ground fast, you can access the Medium plan to track up to 25,000 events per month.

          • Medium - $29 per month, 25,000 events per month

          • Large - $99 per month, 200,000 events per month

          • X-Large - $349 per month, 2,000,000 events per month


            Bitly Link Tracker

            Bitly is the original URL shortener designed for creating short URLs that can be shared quickly and easily on social media platforms.

            They support over 420k paying customers and help digital businesses track over 250 million new links every month.

            Brands like Disney, New York Times and Big Fish all use Bitly's click tracking services to optimize their link performance, and measure effectiveness of their marketing efforts on social.

            Bitly's most popular services include link management and URL shortening, QR code generation/tracking, and link-in-bio services to that help you track social media performance.

            If you are planning to use Bitly as a link tracker, you can customize tracking links, manage and track link performance from one central dashboard, and tag links so that you can track campaigns, marketing channels, and influencers with ease.

            Bitly offers 4 paid plans, as well as a free plan that allows you to track 5 Bitly links per/mo.

            Paid plans start at $8 per/mo and scale up to $199 per/mo depending on the number of links you need to track.

            Features we like

            • Custom domains - track links through your own branded domain, and customize the second half of domains with URL slugs that make sense and generate trust

            • UTM tracking - create hundreds of links at a time and track UTM parameters that will enhance your marketing campaigns. Drill down and analyze link performance by country or city level

            • Link tagging - you can tag links using Bitly so that you can easily pull analytics on a group of links in real-time

            • QR codes and link-in-bio - if you need to be able to track QR code performance, Bitly offers comprehensive bio-link tracking services. This service gives you the ability to offer influencers branded tracking links they can promote from their profiles directly

              Bitly pricing

              Bitly offers 4 paid plans, alongside a free link tracking software plan to get you started.

              The Free plan allows you to track up to 5 links per/mo, whereas the Starter plan gives you the ability to track up to 200 links per/mo for just $8 per/mo.

              • Free - $0 per month, track up to 5 links

              • Starter - $8 per month, track up to 200 links per month

              • Basic - $29 per month, track up to 1,500 links per month

              • Premium - $199 per month, track up to 3,000 links per month

              • Enterprise - reach out to the team, track over 10,000 links per month


                Voluum Link Tracker

                Voluum is a cloud-based ad tracker that automatically collects visitor and conversion data to help you optimize your most profitable marketing campaign combinations.

                Using Voluum you can learn to promote from the best sources, drive traffic to your best landing pages, and convert customers with the best offers - all underpinned by your own click tracking data.

                Voluum is used by over 7,000 customers, and has helped individuals and businesses drive over 10 billion conversions since launch - they now track over $2.5bn revenue every year across the Voluum customer base.

                If you are looking for an alternative to Clickmagick and Clickmeter, then Voluum is a great alternative. They offer an all-in-one ad tracking tool that is integrated with 70+ ad platforms - including Facebook, Taboola, Goole Ads, TikTok, Outbrain, and Twitter.

                There are also great solutions for affiliate marketers, and those promoting via influencer networks.

                Pricing starts at $89 per month and allows you to track up to 1,000,000 events. There are a further 5 payment plans that allow you to track 10,000,000 events per/mo.

                Features we like

                • Track any marketing channel - track conversions from any marketing channel, including search engines, ad platforms, and affiliate marketing publishers. Add redirect webhooks to trigger different conversion journies if pre-set conditions are met

                • Redirect tracking - like other leading link trackers you can stipulate your conversion journey upfront. It's possible to redirect traffic through custom-built landing pages before driving customers to checkout

                • Rule-based retargeting - Voluum allows you to create rule-based paths depending on who is clicking your link. Create rules to send specific traffic based on pre-set conditions to certain offers, landing pages, and custom conversion paths depending on the person clicking

                • Traffic distribution AI - Voluum has developed proprietary AI to help you optimize your campaigns automatically. Their link tracking tool will weight clicks to specific conversion paths, landing pages, and offers that are converting the best

                • Real-time reporting - you can manage and optimize your campaigns in real-time, and A/B test on the fly to ensure your campaigns are optimized as efficiently as possible

                • Anti-fraud kit - fraudulent click activity is automatically tagged, detected, blocked, and removed from your reporting so that you can blacklist sources, and ensure your data and analytics are not skewed

                • Mobile app - unlike some of Voluum's competitors, they offer an iOS and Android app that helps you keep track of campaigns activity on the go

                  Voluum pricing

                  Voluum offers 6 payment plans. The Discover, Profit, and Scale plans are suitable for individuals and small businesses, whereas the Start-up, Agency, and Enteprise plans are suitable for medium-large businesses.

                  The Discover plan starts at $89 per month and allows you to monitor up to 1,000,000 events per/mo.

                  This should be enough to get any small enterprise looking for click tracking solutions off the ground.

                  • Discover - $89 per month, up to 1,000,000 events per month

                  • Profit - $149 per month, up to 3,000,000 events per month

                  • Scale - $299 per month, up to 6,000,000 events per month

                  • Start-up - $499 per month, up to 10,000,000 events per month

                  • Agency - $999 per month, up to 30,000,000 events per month

                  • Enterprise - $1,999 per month, up to 100,000,000 events per month


                    Snapt.io Link Tracker

                    If you are looking for one of the best link-tracking software alternatives to Bitly, then check out Snapt.io.

                    Like Bitly, Snapt.io is a URL shortener that gives you the ability to brand your tracking links, measure link performance from one central dashboard and enhance your marketing campaigns with links that make sense across your influencer network.

                    Snapt.io is one of the best link tracker software tools out there, powering 2,700+ global brands, offering a range of solutions including branded tracking links, QR codes, and bio link tracking.

                    Like Bitly, Snapt.io has integrations with tons of ecommerce platforms and social media tools like WordPress, Slack, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

                    Pricing is not available on the Snapt.io website but having tested the platform, monthly costs range between $14 and $149 depending on the number of links that you need to track.

                    Features we like

                    • Branded links - Snapt.io has a very similar product set to Bitly and other URL shorteners. With Snapt.io you can completely customize your links and add your domain name to enhance trust

                    • Reporting - we love the Snapt.io interface, the reporting and visualization tools are easy to use and give you a clear picture of how your links are performing

                    • Event tracking - you can pull custom pixels directly from your advertising platforms like Facebook and quickly create links, and track performance from one central dashboard

                    • API accessibility - Snapt.io offers API endpoints so that you can integrate into your own data studios, or alternatively build your own applications and tools using Snapt.io's infrastructure

                    • QR codes - like Bitly, you can generate and track QR code performance with ease using Snapt.io

                      Snapt.io pricing

                      Snapt.io do not publically show click tracking pricing on its website - the first step involves signing up for a free link tracking account.

                      Having tested the tool, Snapt.io paid plans start at $14 per month and run up to $149 per month depending on the number of links that you need to track.


                      Improvely Link Tracker

                      Improvely is another top link tracker which is a direct competitor to Clickmagick and Clickmeter.

                      The Improvely link tracker software is used by over 7,000 marketers that use the platform to track link performance, block fraud, and optimize marketing campaigns in real-time.

                      Improvely offers conversion tracking, click fraud detection, visitor profiling, and collaboration tools for teams.

                      Like other link trackers, Improvely is integrated into all major advertising platforms, including Facebook, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Taboola, Twitter, and more.

                      Improvely pricing starts at $29 per month, and allows you to track 10,000 visits/mo.

                      There are further plans available that allow you to track over 250,000+ visits/mo. There is also a 14-day free trial available for you to test before you buy.

                      Features we like

                      • Conversion tracking and attribution - Improvely provides you with a complete picture post-conversion - including source, channel, location, ad cost, profit, ROI. It's possible to drill down and understand which channels are most effective and to access funnel reporting that shows you where people are dropping out between click and conversion

                      • Visitor profiles - once a custom converts, Improvely automatically creates a customer profile so that you can learn everything you need to know about their conversion journey. This includes revenue generated, location, path to purchase and where they found you

                      • Affiliate marketing - like other click tracking software, Improvely works with 95% of affiliate marketing software companies, including Commission Junction, Clickbank, and Linkshare. Improvely enables affiliate link cloaking and the ability to track commission sources in one central location

                      • Click fraud detection - Improvely implements automatic click tracker fraud detection, and allows you to blacklist suspicious IP addresses. They also provide IP WHOis access so that you can see where suspicious click activity is coming from. Many businesses have identified the source being their competition

                        Improvely pricing

                        Improvely offers 4 paid plans, starting at $29 per/mo.

                        The Freelancer plan allows you to track 10,000 visits per/mo, and the Startup through to Large agency plans provide further scale.

                        • Freelancer - $29 per month, 10,000 tracked visits/mo

                        • Startup - $79 per month, 50,000 tracked visits/mo

                        • Small agency - $149 per month, 100,000 tracked visits/mo

                        • Large agency - $299+ per month, 250,000+ tracked visits/mo



                          LinkTrackr is one of the longest running link tracking software tools out there.

                          They have been in business for over 10 years and are used by over 12,000 individuals and businesses.

                          LinkTrackr is the most affordable all-in-one link tracker software on the market, starting at just $7 per month to track 100 links, and 10,000 clicks per/mo.

                          Pricing scales up to allow you to track 5,000 links, and 500,000 clicks/mo but you will never pay more than $47/mo.

                          Like other link tracker tools, LinkTrackr helps you create short URLs, track conversion, and manage your affiliate marketing campaigns in one central dashboard.

                          LinkTrackr also offers all of the key features you'd expect to see in more expensive link trackers - including link cloaking, ad tracking, PPC tracking, conversion tracking, Postback tracking, and more.

                          It's not the prettiest solution when it comes to user experience and reporting, but it's cheap and effective.

                          Features we like

                          • Link cloaking - like other ULR shorteners and link trackers, you can cloak advertising and affiliate links with ease, helping to build trust for those first visiting your website

                          • Marketing channel tracking - track PPC, social media, display, and affiliate ads in one central place - implement conversion tracking, pixel tracking, and postback tracking for affiliate marketers

                          • A/B split testing - split test landing pages and access A/B split testing tools. LinkTrackr also offers URL rotators to automatically test different conversion journies so that you can monitor and optimize performance when testing

                          • Affordable payment plans - monthly pricing starts at $7 per month and LinkTrackr offers a 30-day money back guarantee

                            LinkTrackr pricing

                            LinkTrackr offers 4 paid plans starting at $7 per month.

                            The Basic plan allows you track 100 links, and 10,000 clicks per/mo. For those looking to scale, the Hyper and Extreme plans provide solutions to expand.

                            • Basic - $7 per month, up to 100 links and 10,000 click/mo

                            • Pro - $17 per month, up to 500 links and 50,000 click/mo

                            • Hyper - $27 per month, up to 1,000 links and 100,000 click/mo

                            • Extreme - $47 per month, up to 5,000 links and 500,000 click/mo


                              RedTrack Link Tracker

                              Redtrack is another all-in-one click tracking software that allows you to track all of your marketing channels under one roof.

                              Redtrack offers solutions for ecommerce brands, affiliate marketers, and marketing agencies, and offers cookieless tracking, using first-party data to accurately track clicks and conversions across channels.

                              Redtrack is integrated with all major affiliate marketing networks, ad platforms, and analytics tools like Google Analytics, and is used by brands and agencies across verticals, including Genesis, Mobfolio, and 24Lottos.

                              Introductory pricing is on the more expensive scale than other leading link tracker tools - starting at $124 per/mo.

                              Despite this, the Redtrack Advanced plan does allow you to track up to 4,000,000 events per/mo which offers excellent value when comparing to comparative plans offered by other leading click tracker technologies.

                              Features we like

                              • Tracking and attribution - supports a range of tracking methods to give you the analytics and flexibility you need. Like other leading link tracking software you retain complete control over where you send and land your traffic

                              • Attribution modeling - Redtrack offers first click, last click, last paid click attribution modeling so that you can analyze the performance of your marketing channels through different lenses

                              • Affiliate marketing - track all of your links in one place, control where you send traffic depending on rules optimized by Redclicks AI, and enjoy API integrations with tons of the leading ad platforms and affiliate networks like Clickbank

                              • Server-to-server tracking - Redtrack enriches ad campaigns by allowing you to implement tracking pixels and pass back conversion data and first-party data points to platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter using server-to-server tracking

                              • Extended conversion window - enable a 90 day attribution window to ensure that conversions are correctly attributed to their original source. Track up to 20 different conversion metrics using UTM tracking

                                Redtrack pricing

                                Redtrack offers 4 different paid pricing plans.

                                The Advanced plan start at $124 per/mo and allows you to track up to 4,000,000 events/mo. While Redtrack is not the cheapest link tracker on the market, they do offer excellent value when considering the scale of events that you can track.

                                Like some of the other best link tracking software tools, Redtrack offers a 14-day free trial on all paid plans.

                                • Advanced - $124 per month, 4,000,000 events/mo

                                • Team - $124 per month, 10,000,000, 3 users events/mo

                                • Enterprise - $124 per month, 50,000,000, 10 users events/mo

                                • Custom - get in touch with Redtrack team if you require further scale

                                  Best free link tracker tools

                                  Unlike some of the best link tracker tools that only offer paid plans, there are free link tracking software platforms like Bitly, DSLinker, and ClixTrac that allow you to implement click tracking for free.

                                  Here is a breakdown of the best free link trackers that can help get you started.


                                  While Bitly offers paid plans, they do have a free click tracking option that all allows you to track up to 5 links for free every month. And if you need to scale up to 200 links per month, it only costs $8 to get onto their paid plan.


                                  Probably the best free link tracking software alternative to Clickmagick and Clickmeter is ClixTrac.

                                  ClixTrac enables link cloaking, and provides you with a central dashboard for analyzing link performance over time.

                                  It's also possible to set up simple link redirection, and you can use your own custom domain to enhance link trust.

                                  Considering ClixTrac is a free link tracker, they also offer some excellent additional features like A/B test testing.

                                  We wouldn't recommend ClixTrac as a tool that you should scale on, but if you are testing whether click tracking is right for your business, then this is a great solution.


                                  Another free link tracking software that allows you to create short links, and monitor link performance using one central dashboard is DSLinker.

                                  We'd recommend DSLinker as a free alternative to Bitly and Snapt.io, rather than more advanced link trackers like Clickmagick.

                                  DSLinker allows you to collect information on the people clicking your link and segment by geography, device information, browser type, and IP address.

                                  Why is it important to invest in link trackers to track your links?

                                  If you are on the fence about whether you should invest in a link tracking tool for your business, it's important to review the main benefits.

                                  Ultimately, it can be a time consuming process to update all of your tracking links, and if you're not sure whether link tracking will help you, then other priorities often take over.

                                  The best link tracking tools make it easy to track and optimize all of your link performance in one central dashboard, giving you a birdseye view over how your digital marketing campaigns are performing over time.

                                  That means you do not have to skip between traffic sources and multiple reports to combine link data, and you can measure the effectiveness of digital marketing channels and campaigns side by side.

                                  Once you are set up, it's easy to generate new tracking links on the fly, and to run A/B split testing to ensure you are optimizing in the right ways. This also creates efficiency as you can manage and maintain all of your tracking pixels in one place.

                                  For affiliate marketers, affiliate link tracking software also allows you to route all of your tracking links through click tracking tools to measure click activity in real-time.

                                  Once set up, you can redirect traffic as you see fit to optimize conversion journies that will generate more sales, revenue, and commissions.

                                  For advertisers, the best link tracking tools also pass back first-party analytics and conversion data to ad platforms like Facebook and Google to improve your ad performance.

                                  Here is a summary of the main benefits of implementing the best link tracking tools.

                                  • Optimize marketing campaign efficiency - track and optimize all of your marketing campaigns in one place. Run A/B split testing to optimize sales funnel performance, and analyze which traffic sources are performing best across your digital strategy

                                  • Monitor affiliate marketing performance - generate tracked affiliate links that you can managing in one central dashboard. The best affiliate link tracking software tools also integrate with hundreds of the top affiliate networks, so that you can pull back sales, revenue, and commission data directly into your click tracking software

                                  • Conversion tracking and attribution - if you are looking to run attribution modeling then the best link trackers all offer a variety of out-the-box attribution models to show you which digital marketing channels are contributing at the best ROI

                                  • Blocking click fraud - an often overlooked area of click tracking is blocking fraudulent clicks. The best link tracker tools all offer solutions to blacklist spammy IPs, and block fraudulent click data from your reporting

                                  • Enriching ad campaigns - link tracking software tools like Clickmeter, and Voluum allow you to pass back rich first party data on your conversions and tracking pixels to enhance ad performance in key channels like Google, and Facebook, this results in enhanced audience targeting based on what's previously worked

                                  • Cookieless tracking - if you are looking for alternatives to Google Analytics, then link trackers using first party data offer a scalable, and future proofed solution

                                    How to pick the best link tracking software for your business?

                                    Once you've made the decision to invest and implement a link tracking service, it's important to review the features, pricing, and value that each link tracker can offer your business.

                                    While the majority of link trackers offer a number of the same features. If you implement a link tracking tool that does not suit your usecase, or scale with you, then you will cost yourself time, energy, and money.

                                    • Defining what you need to track - are you looking to track advertising campaigns, affiliate marketing campaigns, or clicks from influencers? URL shorteners like Bitly, and Snapt.io are perfect solutions for brands that run a lot of social media activity or offline advertising - where you are using QR codes to drive people online. For pure digital marketers optimizing for ecommerce and SaaS, link tracker tools like Clickmagick, and Clickmeter offer better solutions

                                    • Conversion parameters - ensure that the link tracker you are looking to implement enables you to pull back and monitor the conversion parameters you care about. Thankfully, most of the best link tracking tools offer UTM tracking, and offer out-the-box solutions for tracking 20+ conversion metrics

                                    • Attribution modeling - depending on how you are running your attribution modeling (and if you care about it), pick a link tracker that enables the attribution models that you want to monitor. Clickmagick and Clickmeter (alongside Voluum) all offer excellent solutions

                                    • Click fraud - if you are seeing a lot of click fraud in your Google Analytics, it's a good idea to pick a link tracker that can block fraudulent click data, and help you clean up your reporting. Ensuring that you are looking at real data is the first step in optimizing for better digital performance

                                    • Monthly budget - if you are looking for free link tracking tools, then you should check out services like ClixTrac. If you are looking for scalable solutions, then it's important to weigh up your required needs in terms of number of links, amount of clicks/events per/mo, and features that you require so that you compare packages based on the features you require. It's also always useful to take advantage of free trials in advance of committing to paid plans

                                      Sign up for the best link trackers to get started

                                      It's time to start tracking your URLs and tracking pixels.

                                      Click through and check out the best link tracking software tools like Clickmagick and Clickmeter to get started.

                                      Ensure that you take advantage of free trials to assess value before you buy, and once set up, be vigilant in ensuring that all of your tracking links run through your link tracker so that you can monitor, optimize and improve click performance over time.

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