The Formula for Freedom

The Formula for Freedom

The formula for freedom goes something like this:

  • Build marketable skills
  • Earn more than you spend
  • Don't depend on a single source of income
  • Stop trading time for money
  • Align your work with your curiosity
  • Work when and where you want
  • Develop a network of trusted relationships

None of which happen overnight.

There are many unintuitive things about working on the internet:

The first being, the narrower your focus, the bigger your opportunity.

The great irony in identifying your focus is (in my experience) only achieved by widening it first.

For me it went something like this:

  • Study graphic design
  • Do 3 unpaid graphic design internships
  • Get an agency job
  • Quit agency job
  • Get 7 more agency jobs
  • Start my own advertising agency
  • Pivot agency business
  • Pivot agency business again
  • Build Visualize Value

The last bullet is a combination of everything I learned and experienced in the 8 bullets before, packaged into "a brand" — something that takes a long time to take hold in the minds of everyone that isn't you.

I talk about this idea in more detail in this video:

There a many awful, cringe inducing definitions of "personal branding" — none of which I'm endorsing here.

Doing business on the internet is about convincing people you don't know that you have something they need or want. Think of a brand as the bridge between the two. 

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Leverage is as much about where you are standing as how much force you are applying.

If you are building something, it is far more useful to focus on the work you are doing to produce the result than the result itself.

The constraint we apply to package our idea determines their reach & resonance. "Make 1 decision to eliminate 1,000 decisions."

Labor is generally a more interchangeable resource than vision.

To help understand this idea, consider the contrast between the two concepts ancient Greeks used to think about time.

It should be relatively simple to identify when we aren't accumulating net new experience, but in practice, it doesn't seem to be.

Language is an incredible tool. It makes it possible for us to externalize what we think and communicate it to others.