The Distribution Flippening

The Distribution Flippening

The world is changing quickly.

YouTubers building larger distribution engines than cable networks.

Trending posts on Reddit moving a security 10x upward in a day.

Uniswap facilitating more trading volume than the NYSE. 

Why is this happening?

I am of the opinion that trusted distribution is the most widely misunderstood asset in the world, and therefore most wildly underpriced.

Does this lead to short-term thinking and dodgy rug pull scams? Yes.

Does it mean that everything that moves at the speed of the internet is a rug pull scam? No.

I constantly refer back to this clip of David Bowie trying to convey just how fundamentally the internet will change the dynamics of life itself:


Leverage is as much about where you are standing as how much force you are applying.

If you are building something, it is far more useful to focus on the work you are doing to produce the result than the result itself.

The constraint we apply to package our idea determines their reach & resonance. "Make 1 decision to eliminate 1,000 decisions."

Labor is generally a more interchangeable resource than vision.

To help understand this idea, consider the contrast between the two concepts ancient Greeks used to think about time.

It should be relatively simple to identify when we aren't accumulating net new experience, but in practice, it doesn't seem to be.

Language is an incredible tool. It makes it possible for us to externalize what we think and communicate it to others.