Interfaces & Incentives

If you're reading this - you have likely been bombarded with web3 buzzwords.

Like any emergent technology, there is an overwhelming amount of noise. For every legitimate application, there are thousands of duds.

A really basic framework for thinking about the difference between web2 and web3:

The layers at which design can occur.

The web2 canvas is familiar to most of us, and has been responsible for drastically changing how we interact with the world. Amazon, Apple, Netflix et al.

Generalizing - these are largely services we pay for with a credit card, or services that are subsidized by charging advertisers a fee to put a message in front of us.

Web2 is the design layer that sits atop predesigned economic infrastructure — corporations, public markets, advertising etc.

What's different about web3 is the ability to make design changes at the economic layer.

Want to distribute ownership of a product to users on day one? Retroactively reward early believers based on their behavior?  

All possible with the ability to design incentives

Interfaces & Incentives