Visualize Value

A global network of 14,000+ digital creators publishing proof of work, clearly communicating their ideas, and selling digital products.

Aaron Aalto Creator

I'm amazed that I have this in my hands. It's a masterclass in clarity, thinking and strategy.

Dickie Bush Ship-30-for-30

It works. And it works well. And once you internalize it, it will change the way you think about the internet.

Kasia Manolas Writer

The advice and mindset hacks that Jack shares have helped me grow personally and professionally.

Robbie Crabtree Performative Speaking

I spent $300 on VV in 2020. At the end of 2021, I fully expect I will be able to say it is at least a 1,000x ROI.

Gerard Dawson EdTech Marketer

Jack's style of teaching works, he combines deep general principles and specific, transparent implementation.

Jeevahan (Jeeves) Murugesu Head of Growth at Overflow

Amazing content that is created from Jack's skin-in-the-game adventures. Highly recommend. 

William Willis Professional Coach

In short, a distillation of everything you need to succeed as a builder of digital assets.

Andrew Nemeth Creator

There are no shortcuts, Jack will be quick to point that out. He's not giving you a fish — he's teaching you how to fish.

Signal in a world of noise.

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Jack Butcher
Doing business on the internet is about convincing people you don't know that you have something they need or want. Think of a brand as the bridge between the two. 
Jack Butcher

The title should perhaps read $58 — $1,000,000. $58. That was my business bank account balance in January of this 2020.

Jack Butcher

"You get paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of problems you solve." — Elon Musk

There are four ways to think about how value is perceived: Psychological, monetary, functional, and social.

They are all bridges that lead to building.

Jack Butcher

The Art of Saying No

This article is about the transition from hustling your way to a few clients, to dialing in a product and buying your time back.

The eventual goal is to make your business your only client, and let it work.

Jack Butcher
Discover how to make money online by leveraging your passion, skills, and expertise. Learn how one tiny goal can change your life forever, the concept of making $1 on the internet.
Jack Butcher

One thing I think most people get fantastically wrong about the "creator economy" is the economics required to win for a long time. "Launch a product."...

Jack Butcher

I was flicking through Ogilvy on Advertising yesterday and stumbled upon the single page print ad that was written for "How to Win Friends and...

Jack Butcher

The world is changing quickly. YouTubers building larger distribution engines than cable networks. Trending posts on Reddit moving a security 10x upward in a day....

Jack Butcher

This is a full preview of the Executive Summary from Visualize Value's Build Once, Sell Twice. The techniques, strategies, and tactics I will be referring to...

Case Studies

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Author & Illustrator: Aaron Aalto (Twitter)I studied industrial design at the Savannah College of Art and Design. As a student, I got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to apprentice in...

Author: Kasia Manolas I took the Build Once, Sell Twice course while resting in bed. I watched the modules in the dark with headphones, took screenshots, and created...

No matter how much you like something or “scratching your own itch”, motivation is a luxury that comes and goes. Your mind will start to play tricks with you and question everything: Luckily, the rules have changed. I had stumbled upon a mystical black and white instagram-page. I clicked the link in bio, and discovered this mental goldmine.